Complete Care For Wooden Cutting Boards

  • Keeps your wooden cutting board in prime condition
  • Safe for use on food preparation surfaces
  • Proudly made in the USA from all natural materials


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Oiling frequency will vary with the amount of use your board receives, how frequently you clean it and, your climate. Most folks don’t oil their boards often enough so, expect to oil them more frequently than you may think. Oil the bottom of the board as well so humidity changes don’t cause your board to warp. We also recommend lightly oiling your board before cutting meats to prevent those oils and juices from soaking into the board, creating sanitation and cleaning problems for you later.

First of all, please note that none of your wood cutting boards should ever be run through a dishwasher! The high water temperatures and harsh detergents are just too much for a wood board to handle w/o warping and splitting. After use simply wipe the board down with a warm, soapy dishcloth then rinse, wipe dry and then air dry the board. You can remove most stains and sanitize your board by sprinkling it with salt and then scrubbing it in a circular motion using half a lemon as your “brush”. Rinse well and re-oil. Oil your wood cutting board regularly with mineral oil or an oil combination specifically formulated for use on wooden cutting boards whenever it starts to look dry.

One 8 ounce/236mL of Barstash Bees-Oil Condition, ideal for maintaining and preserving wood food preparation surfaces including: cutting boards, butcher blockers, countertops and utensils.

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